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Technical Support

Quantum Software Solutions provides full technical support services for products and for custom software projects. Lifetime technical support via email is provided free of charge with all of our products, including during the trial period. Telephone and email technical support is free during development and the warranty period of custom-developed software. Outside this period, and for other support services, charges may apply. For technical support on third party products, please see our Consulting Services.

Knowledge Base

Many support issues can be resolved by searching the online Knowledge Base. This contains important information about our products, and configuration advice, step-by-step guides and answers to frequently asked questions for our own products. It should be your first port of call for resolving issues with our products.

Personalised Support

If you cannot find the solution to your problem through after searching the Knowledge Base, please contact us. When contacting us:

  • Please make sure you are using the latest version of the software, available from the Downloads page.
  • If you received an error message, please make a note of the exact error message, or send us a screenshot.
  • Does the problem only occur intermittently, or have noted any particular pattern in its occurrence?