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Windows Forms Components – .NET Framework Controls

The Windows Forms component library provides a number of production quality, multi-platform controls for use in .NET 2.0 and above Windows Forms projects. All components are written in C# and are fully compatible with the Visual Studio 2005 & 2008 designers.

Windows Forms Components is a FREE download. Full source code can be licensed for a fee.

  • Benefit from extended data-centric controls such as the combo box, data grid view and list view, with auto-complete, custom column and and sorting functionality
  • Present data with maximum flexibility using the new data repeater control
  • Display non-intrusive messages in your applications using the different types of tool tips and balloons available
  • Create applications with a familiar look and feel to improve the user experience
  • All controls are compatible with the Windows Vista & Windows 7 user interface, and also backwards-compatible with Windows XP themes and Windows 2000/Classic mode


  • ActiveDirectoryObjectPickerDialog

    The ActiveDirectoryObjectPickerDialog component allows you to display the standard Windows Active Directory Object picker dialog. This dialog allows the user to select users, groups, computers and other security-related objects from the domain or local computer.


  • BalloonNotifyIcon

    The BalloonNotifyIcon behaves exactly like the standard NotifyIcon class, except that it can also display popup balloon tooltips. Balloons are rendered using the Windows APIs instead of manually GDI+ drawing for full support with all built-in and custom themes. Balloons are supported on Windows 2000 and above. All other functionality of this control works with all .NET-compatible platforms.


  • BalloonToolTip

    The BalloonToolTip control is a special type of tool tip that displays a cartoon style balloon. It is supported on all operating systems running Internet Explorer 5.0 and above. Balloons can be attached to most Windows Forms controls. For a special type of balloon for use with edit controls only, see the EditBalloonToolTip control. Balloons can be removed by setting the balloon tool tip text to an empty string. The BalloonToolTip works with all .NET-compatible platforms.


  • ColorPicker

    The ColorPicker control provides a lightweight alternative to the native .NET ColorPickerDialog that does not require a separate dialog, for selecting Web colors only. It is based on the ExtendedComboBox control and works with all .NET-compatible platforms.


  • ControlMnemonicProvider / MenuMnemonicProvider

    The ControlMnemonicProvider and MenuMnemonicProvider components automatically apply perfect mnemonics to controls on your forms. Simply set the UseAutoMnemonics property on the Form or Menu respectively. Individual controls can be excluded using the ExcludeAutoMnemonics property. Controls with hard-coded mnemonics are automatically excluded. Both components work with all .NET-compatible platforms.

    ControlMnemonicProvider MenuMnemonicProvider

  • DataNavigator

    The DataNavigator connects to the Windows Forms CurrencyManager object for easy navigation between records on a data-bound form. It can be configured to support editing with add and delete buttons (shown), or for read-only access, and is fully compatible with the designer and Windows themes. The DataNavigator is supported all .NET-compatible platforms.


  • DataRepeater

    The DataRepeater control allows free-form data to be displayed in a grid-style interface, similar to continuous forms in Microsoft Access and the DataRepeater control in VB6. The control uses an Inherited UserControl for the template row, and provides full support for data binding through extended properties. It also automatically manipulates the CurrencyManager's position and updates when the data source or position is changed. It is supported on all .NET compatible platforms.


  • DataSourcePicker

    The DataSourcePicker control provides a quick and easy way to allow the user to specify database connection settings. It can automatically generate OLE DB and SQL client connection strings. The DataSourcePicker is supported on all .NET-compatible platforms.


  • DirtyProvider

    The DirtyProvider component provides a quick and easy way to determine if any controls on a data bound form have had their values modified by the user, and if so, which ones. Simply set the EnableDirtyChecking property on each control to true, and call DirtyProvider.BeginDirtyChecking() once the form has been data bound. The DirtyProvider is supported on all .NET compatible platforms.


  • EditBalloonToolTip

    The EditBalloonToolTip Attaches to text boxes and the edit box of Simple or DropDown combo boxes, including the ExtendedComboBox. Both single-line and multi-line tooltips can be displayed, with and without icons. Balloons are drawing using Windows APIs and are supported on Windows 2000 and above. The IsSupported property allows you to determine whether the operating system supports balloon tooltips. To attach a balloon to other controls, see the BalloonToolTip control.


  • ExtendedComboBox

    Inheriting from the standard Windows Forms ComboBox, the ExtendedComboBox control provides auto-complete, image display and read-only functionality. The auto-complete is similar to that found in Internet Explorer and Access. Images can be displayed instead of or in conjunction with text, similar to the Visual Basic 6 ImageCombo control. Read-only functionality allows the combo box to be disabled without hampering the readability of the text of the selected item. It is retains full compatibility with data binding. The ExtendedComboBox is supported on all .NET-compatible platforms.




  • ExtendedDataGrid

    The ExtendedDataGrid is fully designer compatible and provides ComboBox, Button and Image columns in addition to an enhanced, ClearType compatible version of the TextBox column and a FullRowSelect property. To use the Image column, you must add a dummy column to the bound DataTable. The ExtendedDataGrid is supported on all .NET compatible platforms.


  • ExtendedDateTimePicker

    The ExtendedDateTimePicker supports data binding of DBNull values through the DBValue property, and fixes the focus bugs issues in the standard .NET control. In the standard .NET DateTimePicker, the check box shows indicates focus whenever the Checked or Value properties are changed, even if another control on the form has focus, and also on form load. In order to fully fix the focus issue with the ExtendedDateTimePicker, you must set the form's ActiveControl in the Load event. The ExtendedDateTimePicker is supported on all .NET compatible platforms.


  • ExtendedListView

    The ExtendedListView Inherits from the standard Windows Forms ListView, but unlike the standard ListView, it supports data binding and sorting. Data can be sorted based on the specified data type to provide correct sorting for numeric and string data. The control draws the sort direction arrow on Windows XP and above using the correct Windows APIs, and draws a custom sort direction arrow using GDI on other platforms. The ExtendedListView is supported on all .NET-compatible platforms.


  • GdiHelpers

    The GdiHelpers class provides functions to assist with GDI rendering. The Rgb method generates an RGB integer value from the specified red, green and blue values. The IconToAlphaBitmap method allows icons to be converted to bitmaps while maintaining alpha-channel transparency. The GdiHelpers class is supported on all .NET compatible platforms.

  • Line

    The Line control provides a quick and easy alternative to GDI+ for draw horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines on a form, similar to the VB6 Shape control. Three dimensional lines are also supported for use as dividing lines in dialogs. The Line control is supported on all .NET-compatible platforms.


  • NumberBox

    The NumberBox control provides a more flexible alternative to the ThemedNumericUpDown control for validating numeric input. It is particularly suited to accounting and data entry applications with full currency support. Balloon tool tips are shown to notify the user of invalid input on Windows 2000 and above. All other functionality of this control is supported on all .NET compatible operating systems.


  • TextRenderer

    The TextRenderer class provides a managed wrapper for GDI, allowing text to be rendered using Windows GDI. This is especially important for maintaing ClearType support when manual text rendering is necessary. It is supported on all .NET compatible platforms. The diagram shows how text is rendered differently in GDI (top) and GDI+ (all others).


  • ThemedButton

    The ThemedButton control Inherits from the standard Windows Forms Button, but allows images to be placed on a themed button. Additionally, a drop-down arrow can be drawn. It fully supports all Windows XP themes, and all .NET compatible platforms.


  • ThemedNumericUpDown

    The ThemedNumericUpDown control renders properly under Windows XP when themes are applied to the application. It also prevents pasting of invalid characters and also overcomes the bug where a crash will occur if the Value property is requested when the Text property contains invalid data. The ThemedNumericUpDown control is supported on all .NET-compatible platforms.


  • ThemedTabControl

    The ThemedTabControl Inherits from the standard Windows Forms TabControl, but draws tab pages with the correct background color when Windows XP themes are enabled in the application. It supports all built-in Windows XP and all .NET-compatible platforms. When using the ThemedTabControl, you will need to use the ThemedCheckBox, ThemedGroupBox, ThemedLiteral, ThemedLinkLiteral, ThemedPanel and ThemedUserControl classes instead of the standard .NET controls for the background to be rendered correctly. The ThemedTabControl is supported on all .NET-compatible platforms.


  • TipLabel

    The TipLabel control allows you to display non-intrusive Outlook-style messages on a form. This is particularly useful on a form with multiple tabs, where the user's attention needs to be drawn to a control a particular tab. The TipLabel control is supported on all .NET-compatible platforms.


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