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Exchange Custom Sender – Multiple From Addresses & Sub-Addressing for Exchange

Exchange Custom Sender allows users to change their From address when sending an external email message, and additionally provides sub-addressing functionality for Exchange. The desired From address can be easily selected from a drop-down list in Outlook, based on the multiple addresses assigned to their mailbox in Exchange. Messages can also be received at dynamically created sub-addresses, e.g. user+subaddress@domain.com.

When replying to a message in Outlook that has been sent to a non-default address, Exchange Custom Sender will automatically select the correct From address to use for the reply. Users can also change the From address by specifying the address in the subject line of the message, to enable sending from their other addresses via a mobile device. Exchange Custom Sender is compatible with Microsoft Exchange & Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007, and is very simple for administrators to set up.

  • The built-in capabilities of Exchange cause all outbound messages to use the default address. The ability of Exchange to associate multiple email addresses with a single user does not provide a function for selecting which address to use when sending a message.
  • Exchange Custom Sender overcomes this limitation. A single mailbox can receive and send email from multiple addresses. Our Outlook add-in also allows you view the actual address to which a message in your inbox was sent to, in most cases.
  • Exchange Custom Sender provides sub-addressing functionality for Exchange. Users can receive messages at dynamically created sub-addresses, e.g. user+subaddress@domain.com. Sub-addressing provides enhanced spam protection and traceability, particulary when email addresses must be provided on web-based registration forms. Alternative sub-address delimiters (hyphen and underscore) can optionally be enabled for enhanced compatibility with systems which do not support the plus delimiter.
  • When replying to messages that have been sent to a non-primary address in Outlook, the correct From address will be automatically pre-selected for the reply. In most cases this automatically occurs for meeting requests/responses as well as emails.
  • Users enjoy a single calendar and full functionality when accessing email sent to different addresses from a mobile device.
  • Licensing costs are reduced because additional mailboxes are not required. Administration is simple because there is no need to create additional users, security groups or other objects in Active Directory or Exchange.

If you are migrating domains, or organization has been involved in a merger, acquisition, re-branding, or domain rename, or you use multiple domain names, this is an essential tool for your Exchange environment.


  • Full Support for Exchange 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 & 2007

    Exchange Custom Sender installs as a full 64-bit application and has been tested with the latest versions of Exchange.

  • Full Support for Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 & 2007

    The Outlook add-in is compatible with all recent version of Outlook, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, on both x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) versions of Windows.

  • Mobile Device Friendly

    Simply enter the address in the subject line of the message in the format
    [FROM: youraddress@domain.com] if using a device without the Outlook add-in.

  • Automatic Addressing of Replies

    When you reply to a message which was sent to one of your secondary addresses in Outlook, the from address will default to that address.

  • Compatible with Meeting Invitations

    You can select the From address to use when sending or responding to meeting invitations as well as regular email messages.

  • Integration with Out of Office Messages / Automatic Replies

    Automatic replies will be automatically sent from the address which they were originally sent to (on Exchange 2010 and later).

  • Robust

    Exchange Custom Sender installs as a Transport Agent on the Exchange Edge server(s), which is the Microsoft-recommended architecture for address rewriting.

  • Secure

    The email address selected or entered by the user is validated before being applied to the message. Users can only "send from" an address which is defined as one of their SMTP addresses in Exchange.


  • The Outlook Add-in integrates into the Outlook 2019/2016/2013/2010 ribbon when composing a new message.
    Outlook 2013 Add-in Ribbon
  • The From Address drop-down menu allows you to easily select the From address to use.
    Outlook 2013 Add-in From Address Menu Outlook 2013 Add-in Whole Ribbon
  • Different email addresses can also be associated with a specific Outlook signature.
    Outlook 2013 Add-in Options

Getting Started Guide

Download Trial

You are encouraged to download the free 30-day trial to evaluate Exchange Custom Sender prior to purchase. Full technical support is provided during the trial period.

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The Exchange Agent (server-side) is a required component. The Outlook Add-in is optional.

See the Getting Started Guide.

Purchase Online

A Server License is required for each Exchange Edge Transport server, or each Hub Transport server if Edge Transport servers are not used.

$AUD 299.00 per year (ex GST)
$AUD 328.90 per year (inc GST)*

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Each Server License includes 5 User Licenses. Additional users are priced as follows:

5 Users
$AUD 59 (ex GST)
$AUD 64.90 (inc GST)

10 Users
$AUD 99 (ex GST)
$AUD 108.90 (inc GST)

25 Users
$AUD 229 (ex GST)
$AUD 251.90 (inc GST)

For licenses for more than 25 users, contact us for a quote.

*GST is applicable to Australian residents and Australian-based organizations. Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Free technical support via email for the first year is included. After the first year, technical support costs $7.95 per user, per year (ex GST), $8.75 (inc GST).

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